I have been shooting professional images for over 8 years now. In 2016 I earned my Bachelors Degree in Digital Cinematography. Before I went to school for film, I had been studying the science and art behind photography for 3 Years.

During university I chose to take my knowledge of photography and put it to good use. So I began my career and started my own business. For the first year I shot mainly for members at the church I was attending, friends, family, and after a while strangers that eventually became clients.

Long story short I never stopped. I got really really good, and really really passionate. By taking my basic knowledge of photography and merging it with my extremely creative mind I was able to develop techniques that worked for me every time I held my camera. 8 years later I’m here with a passion to capture stories and help emerging photographers reach their personal photography goals.

Self Portrait by: Marcia in Downtown ATL

Self Portrait by: Marcia in Orlando, FL